Gamma Ray Pulsar Project 2017


Goals and Objectives: Site-B will conduct scientific research of gamma-ray pulsars. Pulsars are spinning neutron stars which emit beams of relativistic particles at opposite poles. To date, only 160 gamma-ray pulsars have been detected and more than two-thirds of these have been linked to supernova explosions. It has been estimated that there could be millions of pulsars emitting gamma-rays Milky Way Galaxy. The location of most of these energetic sources, however, remain unidentified. In an effort to find and catalog these pulsars, the Center for Planetary Science aims to:

  • Conduct a radio survey of gamma-ray pulsars, specifically between the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius (RA 18h and Dec -22° to RA 16h and Dec -31°).
  • Detect, measure spectra, and catalog location of newly detected gamma-ray pulsars.
  • Determine whether or not gamma-ray pulsars can be detected along the hydrogen line, specifically at the frequency of 1420 mhz.
  • Investigate why the pulses from gamma-ray pulsars at different wavelengths of light appear to have a different relationship for each pulsar that have been observed.
  • Collaborate and share data with the astronomical community, specifically astronomy departments at local colleges and universities, and
  • Publish findings in peer-reviewed astronomical journals.

For this effort, we ned your help! We are asking for donations so we can upgrade the observatory to conduct the research. Donations will be used for:

  • 2 x desktop computer (Windows or Mac) for astronomical data collection
  • Plotter Printer, HP Designjet T520 to print astronomical charts, and
  • Seagate Expansion 4TB Portable External Hard Drive